Process paired tumor-normal VCF variants annotated with SnpEff for neoantigen prediction using garnish_affinity.

garnish_variants(vcfs, tumor_sample_name = "TUMOR")



Paths to one or more VFC files to import. See details below.


Character, name of column in vcf of tumor sample, used to determine mutant allelic fraction of neoantigens.


A data table with one unique SnpEff variant annotation per row, including:

  • sample_id: sample identifier constructed from input .vcf file names

  • se: SnpEff annotation

  • effect_type: SnpEff effect type

  • ensembl_transcript_id: transcript effected

  • ensembl_gene_id: gene effected

  • protein_change: protein change in HGVS format

  • cDNA_change: cDNA change in HGVS format

  • protein_coding: is the variant protein coding?

if CF or AF fields in provided in input VCFs, either:

  • cellular_fraction: cell fraction taken from input, such as from clonality estimates from PureCN

  • allelic_fraction: allelic fraction taken from input


vcfs must be annotated with SnpEff. vcfs can optionally contain an AF or CF INFO field, in which case cellular fraction or allelic fraction is considered when ranking neoantigens. See example vcf. Single samples are required. Multi-sample vcfs are not supported.

Recommended workflow:

  1. Call variants using MuTect2 and Strelka2, intersecting variants.

  2. Variant filtering according to experimental specifications.

  3. Classification by somatic status and clonality using PureCN.

  4. Annotate variants using SnpEff (required).


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Cingolani P, Platts A, Wang LL, Coon M, Nguyen T, et al. 2012. A program for annotating and predicting the effects of single nucleotide polymorphisms, SnpEff: SNPs in the genome of Drosophila melanogaster strain w1118; iso-2; iso-3. Fly (Austin). 6(2):80–92

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if (FALSE) { library(magrittr) library(data.table) library(antigen.garnish) # load an example VCF dir <- system.file(package = "antigen.garnish") %>% file.path(., "extdata/testdata") dt <- "antigen.garnish_example.vcf" %>% file.path(dir, .) %>% # extract variants garnish_variants %T>% str }